Does your child lack the confidence to try new things?

Finally, discover how to help your kids overcome their fears
and stay motivated to confidently go for what they want

From: Jill Hope

Dear Parent,

You’re an amazing parent. You want your child to have the best opportunities…..

You want your child to be confident, to make choices that feel right, feel passionate about their life, and be happy and fulfilled.

Yet secretly, you wonder if you child is living up to his or her potential.

You notice that your child shies away from opportunities to stretch herself. He or she lacks motivation, and doesn’t take responsibility for school work or household chores.

Your child may even have anxiety and struggle to fit in with other kids.

If you’re like many of my clients, you may be:

  • Frustrated that your child needs you next to them at all times to do their homework
  • Worried that your child is missing out on opportunities because they are too scared
  • Wondering if a lack of confidence is keeping your child from building new skills and healthy friendships

The good news is…you are not alone!

I’m Jill Hope, and I help parents like you to create confidence and inner motivation in your kids. I love helping parents nurture their child’s inner motivation, to set and achieve goals that are meaningful, to have the confidence to try something new, despite their fear of failure, and to inspire them to keep going when the going gets tough and things get challenging.

While it is truly my passion to support parents to build confidence, courage, and inner motivation in your kids, my own story didn’t start out so great. 

In fact, my son and I got off to a very rocky start.

You see, when my son was very young, he barely slept. He was fussy much of the time, and I felt like I couldn’t leave the house or take him anywhere. I would hear about my friends going here and there with their babies, having them nap for 3 hours in the afternoon – this just wasn’t my experience.

I was tied to the house. I felt trapped.

By the time my son was 2, I realized that I was really miserable. I felt angry so much of the time, and then I felt so guilty for feeling this way about being with my baby. I so wanted to enjoy my time with him.

He then started displaying some concerning behaviors, and I sensed that my misery was starting to rub off on him. His interests were minimal…it was even a struggle to get him to go outside!

I could see that his spirit was so bright, and I was afraid I was crushing it.

Then, a huge devastation from a failed pregnancy finally gave me the wake-up call I needed…

I realized I needed to make this mom thing work for me and my son.

So I started to use some strategies from my personal development work to adjust my attitude. I did the work to get rid of the guilt and the negative thoughts.

While I was helping myself and making progress, I started teaching my son these tools too.

When he had tantrums, I used tools to help him breath and meditate. I did positive affirmations with him. When he was afraid to go to new places we did visualizations.

I realized on reflection that through the way I handled my grief and the failure I felt I had created in my family, I was modeling for my son how to move through disappointment and perceived failure.

He went from not really wanting to do anything, to being willing to try just about anything.

Fast forward to more recently, my son has accomplished some pretty amazing things and has shown great perseverance in the face of challenges.

Here are just a few examples:

  • School Performance: He had a goal to sing a solo in front of his school (despite not having anywhere near the most accomplished voice). For over 2 years he was overlooked, despite volunteering at every opportunity. But with the tools I used with him, he experienced this goal, performing on stage in front of 600 people from our school community.
  • Travel Baseball: He was invited to try out for the travel baseball team in our local league. This came at a time when he had decided he wanted to be a major league baseball player. He did not get accepted on the team. Despite his disappointment and initial thought of “I must be a bad baseball player”, he turned around his disappointment and negative thinking to get up the nerve to try out again the following year. He made the team that year, and now he looks forward to playing this summer with his team at Dreams Field in Cooperstown, NY, America’s Little League Capital.
  • Student Council Representative: He decided he wanted to represent his class in Student Council. The first year he ran in 3rd grade, he narrowly lost. He was devastated. But he didn’t quit. He ran again the next year in 4th grade. I though surely he would be elected this time. Once again, someone else won. But he still didn’t give up on his dream. Finally on his third try, in 5th grade, he was elected. And now in 6th grade, he continues to serve on the Student Council today.

These are just 3 of his most notable “dream” achievements. He truly seems unstoppable!

And now, as I share these strategies with my clients, they too have been able to help their kids to overcome fear and tap into their full potential. They too have become unstoppable.

I knew I had to get these strategies out there so more people could experience the breakthroughs we were experiencing.

That’s why I created…

The Courageously Successful Kids Program

“Courageously Successful Kids” is a 5 module program that will help you improve your child’s inner confidence, increase their motivation, and help them overcome the fear of failure that often holds him or her back. What’s best is that you can participate in the program from the comfort of your own home either by phone or via the web.

In this program, I will personally take you through the strategies I have successfully used in my own life and with many of my clients to improve your child’s inner motivation to succeed, help them identify and live their passions, and improve your relationship with them.

Having a solid relationship with your child as they move into the teen years is so important. When you know how to support them in a way that honors what’s important to them, not only will their inner motivation and confidence increase, but your communication and bonds with them will deepen.

In the Courageously Successful Kids program, you will:

  • Inspire your child to move forward, despite any fear he is feeling
  • Deepen your child’s connection to her inner strength and resilience
  • Identify and bring out your child’s unique passions and gifts
  • Increase your child’s self-confidence and self-image
  • Create a deeper level of communication and trust with your child
  • Learn simple and powerful techniques to help your child achieve his goals
  • Support your child to comfortably take advantage of opportunities
  • Gain confidence in your parenting, knowing you are guiding your child to be all he is meant to be

…and so much more!



“I got bigger “ah-ha’s” than I ever did in any counseling session or any other program I’ve done (and there have been many!)”

“Jill’s coaching and time was so worth every penny, I got bigger “ah-ha’s” than I ever did in any counseling session or any other program I’ve done (and there have been many!) It’s so helpful to have someone to serve as a witness, who isn’t emotionally invested per se, someone who can help me see more clearly or help me see a new perspective that I just couldn’t get to all by myself.
I’ve been waiting for years to find a coach/mentor I could work with that wouldn’t just hold my hand, but also be able to hold the space, and ask the right questions to shed light on what really was going on for me….Thank you Jill for helping me grow through some really challenging times!”

~Heidi W.


“You helped redirect our relationship along a much better pathway.”

“I remember with gratitude how you really helped me to look at my son, Alex, and the way I was interacting with him, in a new light which I really believe has helped redirect our relationship along a much better pathway.”

~Karen Khor
New York


“I love this approach, as it’s one I use myself!”

“I find children today are more sensitive and can sense authenticity and a lack of congruency in their ‘teachers’

Today, parents and teachers need new skills, and we need to work together to create an ethos of empowerment around young people to unleash their potential. Congratulations Jill on getting it out there, as there is not enough of us supporting families in this way.”

~Alan Wilson


“With Jill’s guidance I was able to start on a path toward more work/life balance that hasn’t been there in a long time.”

“Jill helped me with identifying my priorities, as well as setting up a realistic plan to cover all my business, family and personal needs on a regular basis. Jill offers a highly effective tool set and coaching skills to quickly clarify realistic options that fit your situation.”

~Lisa Morell
Chicago, IL USA


“I would definitely recommend her program as well as her coaching”

“I found Ms. Hope to be articulate, insightful, and could see her being a strong positive force in anyone’s life. Clearly, she is passionate about her work and has accumulated a tremendous depth of wisdom over the years. I would definitively recommend her program as well as her coaching!

~Cherilynn Veland, LCSW, MSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Here is the pathway of the Courageously Successful Kids
Program you can do from the comfort of your own home...

Module 1 - Setting the Foundation: Identifying Your Child’s Passions

In Module 1, we’ll examine the power in connecting your child with his passions, and how knowing your child’s desires can help you guide him in living his life’s purpose. You will:

  • Learn a powerful, proven process to identify your child’s passions
  • Create a deeper relationship with your child by understanding her natural inclinations and desires
  • Uncover your child’s unique gifts and see how they relate to her passions
  • Help your child utilize a powerful process for making decisions


Module 2 - Setting the Stage for Success: Bringing out the Best in Your Child

In Module 2, we’ll examine the powerful link between your thoughts and your child’s ability to create his own personal success. You will:

  • Understand the role your thoughts, beliefs, and expectations play in your child’s success and fulfillment
  • Identify an important key that provides your child with a sense of security so he can confidently move forward (hint: it’s something inside you)
  • Discover the hidden blocks that may be unknowingly holding your child back
  • Learn a powerful inner strategy that will help you truly support your child’s goals


Module 3 –Setting the Destination: Goal Setting and the Power of Imagination

In Module 3, we’ll examine the incredible power of imagination and visualization in achieving goals. You will:

  • Learn how to create powerful goals and achieve them with ease (even if you have no idea how they could ever come about)
  • Discover the secret to staying clear and focused (which so many kids lack today)
  • Use proven tools to help your child clarify her vision 
  • Learn a simple strategy to identify opportunities that support your child in moving toward the achievement of her goals


Module 4 - Taking Action: Tools for Inner and Outer Success

In Module 4, we’ll examine the tools that can create a mindset of success in your kids. You will:

  • Understand how to harness the power of words to create success
  • Learn winning strategies for writing affirmations that will bring about dramatic improvements in your child’s confidence and motivation.
  • Discover a powerful technique to help your child tap into her intuition for guidance
  • Utilize key strategies for focusing on what’s going right, navigating uncertainty, and overcoming the fear of failure


Module 5: Moving Through Failure: Developing Lifelong Confidence and Motivation in Your Kids 

In Module 5, we’ll examine how you can support your child to embrace challenge and manage failure in a positive way. You will:

  • Discover how to praise in a way that encourages your child to seek out greater challenges and take healthy risks
  • Learn creating problem solving techniques that will boost your child’s confidence when dealing with challenges
  • Cultivate your child’s ability to feel the fear and do it anyway
  • Discover why failure is a good thing, so your child can manage failure and fear in a positive way (this is a game changer)
  • Learn the key questions to ask your child in the midst of a challenge…this one strategy is a MUST DO if you want your child to be self-reliant and confident

How the Program Works

The Courageously Successful Kids program is a 5 module digital audio home study program that you can listen to from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. The downloadable training audios and guidebooks can be accessed on a private class web page 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

To support you in integrating the life-changing content provided in the Courageously Successful Kids program, you will also receive:


BONUS #1: Courageously Successful Kids Guidebooks

The guidebooks contain information shared during the program along with exercises to help you integrate the strategies and concepts at home.

BONUS #2: Private VIP Class Page and Recording Library

All of our group calls will be recorded and provided to you in MP3 format for you to refer back to at your leisure. PLUS, all recordings, resource guides and workbooks, as well as call information will also be provided on your private VIP class page and recording library for your convenience.

BONUS #3: "Your Parenting Mindset for Success" BONUS Training - mp3 audio ($97 value)

In this interview I did with David Neagle, self-made millionaire and world-renowned success and mindset mentor, you will learn the important keys to raising your kids with a success mindset. In this BONUS audio, you will discover

  • The main reason why most people do not achieve the level of success they strive for in their lives
  • What it really means when your child is always wanting more and never appears to be satisfied with what they’ve got (the answer will really surprise you)
  • The truth about helping your child set realistic goals versus going for their dreams
  • The #1 way to avoid raising your children with limited beliefs, especially if you were raised with them yourself
…and more

Value of the Bonuses: $194

Here are some of the more common questions I get:

“I’m not sure this is the right time…are you doing this again?”

You may have heard the old saying, “If you want to make a change, you’ve got to make a change.” We all resist change, and yet it is the very thing that will nip this issue in the bud with your child for good. Once you know these tools and strategies, they are with you forever!

Yet, if you don’t do something different, how will more time change anything? Our kids grow up so fast, and you only have so many years to positively influence them. I may offer this program again, but it’s not on the calendar yet, and may not be for a while. Why keep “wishing and hoping” that things could be better when you can start supporting your child NOW with positive tools and strategies you can use immediately.

In the words of “Think and Grow Rich” author Napoleon Hill: “Do not wait. The time will never be just right.”

“I just don’t have the money to invest right now”

I know money is a scary thing for some people. I’ve been in some pretty scary financial situations myself where I didn’t know how I would pay my next month’s rent. But there is a huge difference between buying unnecessary items and investing in yourself and your ability to be the best parent you can. When you invest in yourself and your child, you grow and so do they. You will never be the person you were before the investment. The beauty of this program is that you can make a huge investment in yourself and your child for a very reasonable cost, when you consider how much you’ve spent on camps and classes to help them be involved, feel confident, and have greater motivation… AND you will learn the skills and strategies that will stay with you and your child for a lifetime, not to mention that they will be able to pass along these skills to their children. What better investment and legacy can any parent make?

“Why can’t I just figure this out on my own?”

Well, how has that approach been working for you so far? The fact is, if you are seeing problems already, chances are, something isn’t working thus far. It is hard for us to do this work on our own, because we are just too close to ourselves to see the obvious shifts we need to make to help our kids. Plus, if you’ve never done something before, doesn’t it make sense to learn from someone who has? That’s why I’ve invested in my own mentoring and programs for years, and it has been the best investment I have ever made and continue to make.

But a lot of people resist asking for the help they need, either because they think they are supposed to be able to do it alone, or because they feel they don’t deserve the support.

Whether you work with me or someone else, don’t waste another 6 months or a year trying to figure it out how to best support your child on your own. Get the guidance and support you need and deserve NOW so both of you can move forward with solid tools that can support their growth now and as they experiences new challenges in their life.

Enroll in the 
“Courageously Successful Kids Program"

“I’ve spent tons of time, money, and energy, as well as read countless books and participated in too many programs to count, so that I could learn simple and effective strategies that have created powerful results for my clients and their families – and now I am ready to share these strategies and lessons with YOU so that you and your family can have the tools that can empower your child with dramatic, life-changing results.”

Yes Jill! I’m ready to enroll in the Courageously Successful Kids
Program so I can support my child to develop the confidence,
motivation, passion, and self-responsibility to reach their full


No Risk Reservation Form

Here is what I will get when I enroll in your

“Courageously Successful Kids Program”:

  • Access to the full 5-module home study program 
  • BONUS "Courageously Successful Kids" Guidebook.  A downloadable resource guide containing information shared during the program along with exercises to help you integrate the strategies and concepts at home.  
  • BONUS Private VIP Class Page and Recording Library.  Downloadable access to all recordings of the live teaching calls in downloadable mp3 format on my private VIP class web page 
  • BONUS downloadable mp3 audio recording entitled "Your Parenting Mindset for Success," a 60 minute interview with David Neagle, self-made millionaire and world-renowned success and mindset mentor (value $97) 

All of this value for only $597!
Back to School Special: $197

*Special Pricing Expires August 30, 2019

For a limited time when you purchase this program you'll also receive one 30-minute Private Confident Kids Coaching Session with Jill (value $250). In this personal session, Jill will provide you with personal, intuitive recommendations on what to focus on in order to bring the biggest shift for your child as you apply the teachings and strategies in this program. Not only will this session give you the inside track on how to make the most out of this program, but you'll receive personalized coaching along with the program at a fraction of the full cost and value of these services.

Questions about whether or not this program is right for you? Send me your question and contact information using the box below, and I’d be happy to connect with you and help you gain the clarity you need.

Your Question:

I want you to know something important:

It’s NEVER too late to turn things around for your child!  

It’s just a matter of knowing what to do; knowing how to bring out your child’s confidence and innate motivation.
If you are tired of...
  • Seeing your child to miss out on experiences due to lack of confidence or fear of failure
  • Hearing your child call herself “stupid” if she gets something wrong
  • Seeing your child back away from opportunities because they fear they may not do it perfectly the first time (or second or third)
  • Struggling, feeling exhausted, and at a loss to know how to change the situation for your child

…then the Courageously Successful Kids Program is perfect for you.

In this program, I’ll teach you my simple strategies that will make supporting your child feel effortless, so you can stop struggling and start seeing results.

I can’t wait for you to gain the deep insights and learn the tools and strategies to help you support your child in creating greater self-confidence, increased motivation and self-responsibility,  a deeper relationship with you, and the freedom to courageously be who they are meant to be!

I look forward to powerfully supporting you and your child's success in this program!

Jill Hope 
Founder, I Shine

P.S. Here’s the reality: The situation isn’t going to change by itself.   In fact, often when kids deal with fear and lack of confidence, they grow up struggling to make choices that are truly right for them. And this could end up in a lack of fulfillment in their adult life.

How many people do we see these days who stay in jobs they don’t feel passionate about, who lack motivation (and courage) to seek something better for themselves, and who feel stuck and therefore settle for feeling mediocre at best, about their life?  

I KNOW that is NOT what you want for your child!

His or her future life choices depend upon your ability to change this situation NOW and prevent these experiences from developing into more deeply rooted habits that won’t serve them well, either now or in the future.

P.P.S. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at I look forward to hearing from you!


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